The Humble Marketer

by: Kenneth Cossin

photo: Lushpix

photo: Lushpix

In a sluggish economy, can you really afford to be humble?  Some may say that self-pride and aggressively pushing your agenda is the answer to survival in times like these.  I want to provide a different perspective, and I would like to put my alternative idea to the test, humble marketing.

What is humble marketing?  I would define it as unwavering belief in your individual opinion, yet remembering that you are human.  Humans make mistakes, incorrect assumptions, and fail all the time.  For example, is Seth Godin humble?  I believe he is.  He strongly believes in his contributions to marketing, but he is human.  He admits his mistakes and learns from them, and thus has become one of the most well-known, current marketers.  In addition, he has, in effect, build sustainability and credibility into his life by being unpretentious yet responsible.

I believe that humility is what drives forward movement in marketing.  Humble marketing opens our minds to new ideas, differing opinions, and removes the “my way or the highway” mentality that often stifles creativity.  Also, it opens many avenues of knowledge and growth both personally and on the corporate level.  Admitting not only our faults and weaknesses but also our strengths and successes helps foster life-long learning.  Continuous learning breeds wisdom, self-esteem, and success.  How humble are you willing to be regarding your marketing?


2 thoughts on “The Humble Marketer

  1. Kenneth,

    You very correct, humility is part of the recipe or the mix for being a good blogger. Sometimes I think we forget as bloggers that ours is not the only opinion that matters, what we NEED to help build a healthy thought provoking community is the opinions and values of others. I do believe this helps to shape a GREAT message.

    I love your work!

  2. I visited your blog, and yes, I approve you quoting me. Please be sure to use the quotation within the proper context. In addition, the quotation cannot be used in any slanderous way. Thank you.

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