Adapting to Life Changes

by: Kenneth Cossin

We humans typically do not adapt well to change.  Why?  Could it be that we expect our situation to go from bad to worse?  Or does it mean a change in our routine?  Or is it a bit deeper than that?  In other words, a majority of us has experienced some change in our lives that has made our lives more complicated, more mundane through rote procedures, crazy policies, hoop-jumping, red tape; the list goes on and on.

Here at Full Sail University, we have to be flexible and adaptable.  Change comes quickly and typically without much prior notice.  It is my belief that the reason for rapid change is two-fold.  One, our university is growing quickly.  Two, technology is governed by Moore’s Law that roughly states that computing technology will double approximately every eighteen months.  Full Sail has changed so much in just the last year, and all these new changes are extremely positive!

photo: Kenneth Cossin

photo: Kenneth Cossin

So, what are we humans to do?  Let’s take an example of a plant called, “Morivivi (Mimosa Pudica),” loosely translated means “die-live.”  This plant, is native to the tropics, but it has found its way to the sub-tropics around the world, even here in Florida right in my back yard!  This plant has learned to adapt to the climate and conditions of the subtropics and now has learned how to thrive in our climate as well.

At the risk of sounding like I am personifying a simple tropical plant to us humans, I wonder what it is that makes plants, such as this one, more adaptable to changes in its environment?  I realize that change impacts humans in more complex ways, but I believe that it is partly the individual’s perception of the change that makes it more difficult for humans.

Here is my top five list of issues that I struggle with whenever I am presented with change:

  1. How is this change going to affect my ability to attain my goals?
  2. Do I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deal with the change?
  3. How big of a change am I really facing?  That is, am I simply sweating the small stuff, or is it that I lost my job, moved, or faced a death?
  4. Am I mentally playing out a “what if” scenario to the nth degree in my head or am I allowing myself to deal with issues as they arise?
  5. Am I keeping an open mind and seeing the real opportunities that changes bring to me and embracing them without question?

I believe that if we take just a simple moment to allow changes to come into our lives, remain flexible regarding the changes, and stay open-minded, we will all be happier and healthier people.  Maybe we can even be as adaptable as the Morivivi plant!


2 thoughts on “Adapting to Life Changes

  1. I really was quite moved by this entry. Life is about change and I found your statement that if we simply allow change to come into our lives, remain flexible and stay open minded to be great advice when you face more more then just change.

    Thank you for very much for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I have taken a photo of this plant and will send you my copy…weird…life overlaps in the strangest of places. If you don’t decide to allow for change in your experiences, you’ll never know what you are missing.

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