You Are not Alone

by: Kenneth Cossin

A hero in my life shared a link, “Let People Live in Your Heart,” with my fellow coworkers and me, and it compelled me to share my thoughts with you through my blog.  You will understand why I am writing this blog post if only you watch the first video in the link above.

Back in November 2003, I lost my mom to cancer.  Four years later, in July 2007, I lost my father to complications of diabetes.  At that time in life, I felt very alone.  I did not share my story with anyone, not even my siblings.  I felt that no one understood, and no one truly cared that much.

My life began to lose meaning, I began to lose weight, I had no motivation, and life was just a routine.  That changed for me one day when I shared not just the bad experience but also the good memories.  Life began to regain meaning to me, and to this day, I find that sharing the good times and the laughs as well as providing empathy to those around me regarding difficult times can help me heal and ultimately help others to understand that they are never alone.

We never truly realize the impact that tragedy can have on our fellow human beings unless we draw on the life lessons that we have learned.  In closing, I ask that you let people live in your heart.  You never know when you, too, will need not feel so alone.