Stedman Graham Presents…

by: Kenneth Cossin

Kenneth Cossin, Stedman Graham, and Robert Parrillo

photo: Arnold Munroe

Stedman Graham visited Full Sail University on 24 August 2009 to talk with faculty and staff about ways to follow our dreams.

He talked about his nine step plan for success (please see his book entitled, “You Can Make it Happen” if you wish to learn more).  His topics included ways that we can better communicate, collaborate, and build community through solid project management skills.  Many of these skills I use in my classes every month.  Therefore, I hope that my students glean interesting and fun ways that we can truly find our passions and empower ourselves.

The strongest and most useful message that I took away from his presentation was not just our need to find our passion but to pursue it without pause.  Our lives are filled with information and distractions to the point that we must filter it all and find the useful bits that fit into our passion.

During his presentation, I envisioned an analogy of the California Gold Rush in 1849 when gold miners flooded the west in search of the next big money-making venture.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not equating what Mr. Graham had to say with an influx of people seeking quick wealth.  I was imagining the emotional and personal wealth that one could obtain through honest soul searching to not only enrich their lives but also help sustain and give themselves purpose.

Thus, we can find meaning and purpose in whatever we may choose to do.  From my grandfather that was a French immigrant seeking a better way of life here in the United States to the successful Bill Gates and Steve Jobs that own multi-billion dollar companies, we, too, can do it.  We can all be positive and successful citizens no matter what path or passion we choose.

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing Ken!

    I heard about his visit too late to drive over to be there for it.

    In response to your great article, my passion in life to be a positive and successful citizen of FSO, and pursue the ‘next level’ of inclusion for FSO students by making it my mission that appearances like these (and many others) are available via Live Web Cam and archived for our group!

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