Simply Remarkable!

photo: Kenneth Cossin

photo: Kenneth Cossin

by: Kenneth Cossin

Ok, so you may say, “What does this flower have to do with your blog?”  Well, I wanted to post a photo that I think is quite remarkable to prove a point.

Our blogs are not simply for stating the obvious, regurgitating other peoples’ thoughts, or simply to rant about something that doesn’t grab your audience.  They are about trying to get out a powerful or remarkable message.

For example, as an amateur photographer, I love to share my photos with others.  But I skip over the average, typical, and possibly boring photos and head straight for the remarkable ones.  Thus the photos of the flower above.

Well, how remarkable this photo is may be in the eye of the beholder.  But I believe that it captures several important aspects of the word “remarkable.”  It’s beautiful, it has depth, clarity, intrigue, mystery, sincerity, honesty, and most of all love.

My point: make your blogs, captivating, inviting, fascinating, thought-provoking, and passionate!